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Your night’s stay is just the beginning of all that you can enjoy whilst at The Lodge. We encourage our guests to stay a minimum of two nights, providing breakfast, packed lunches (where needed), and afternoon tea each day, along with bespoke itineraries, routes, and maps for your walks.

Most importantly, we will ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your time here by tailoring each group’s itinerary according to your interests, fitness levels, and particular wishes. We will arrange any additional bookings, luggage transfers, and activities so that you can enjoy unique and memorable days with family or friends.


Circular walks in and out of Ludlow, allowing guests to enjoy various events, such as:

Multi-day walking trails including :

  • The Ludlow Anticline walking trail (3-4 days)
  • Three Castles in Three Days walking trail

Nature walks including :

  • Dawn chorus walk
  • Nocturnal bat and moth safaris (seasonal)
  • Butterfly and bumblebee safaris (seasonal)
  • Fossil hunting
Walking through fields on a walking holiday from historic accommodation at the Salwey Lodge
Haybales seen on a walking itinerary whilst staying at historic accommodation at the Salwey Lodge


In addition, we would love to enhance your stay by providing any of the following (subject to availability) to your itinerary:

Knowledgeable guides for any of your walks, with expertise in history, geology, or flora and fauna

Wellness activities including :

  • Yoga - inside or outside on the front lawn
  • Cold water bathing

Guided tours of Ludlow Castle

Evening activities including Murder Mystery @ The Lodge

The georgian cold bath is perfect for a early morning plunge on a walking holiday at the Salwey Lodge


Well-being is at the centre of any stay at The Lodge. As guests, you will have exclusive access to the unique Georgian cold bath for an early morning plunge. On request, we can also arrange yoga classes and massage treatments, ensuring you return from your holiday feeling well exercised, well rested, and well cared for.

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